Custom QR codes for your phone or any application!


We'll also give you, free of charge, a unique QR code (short for "Quick Response) just for YOUR APP! All your customer does is "scan in" the QR code using his or her smart phone... no need to type in an address, and no need to type out a text to subscribe to your service!

Just imagine having a simple QR graphic on your business cards, or a storefront window, or in all your print advertising... even your stationery, inviting your customers to simply scan it in for immediate access! This way you can integrate all of your offline marketing and promotion with your Mobile Marketing strategies!

This is truly cutting edge stuff, and it's all yours as an iCANetwork Phone Apps subscriber.

Your own phone app gives you a decisive edge over your competitors

Listen carefully... Your custom phone app will set you apart from everyone else. It has a "Wow!" factor. It has a sizzle factor. You simply must be part of the 'in' crowd, and with our unique program, you'll be way ahead of the curve.

We are combining ultra high-technology and SMS (Simple Messaging System) which we like to call SMS - "Smart Marketing Strategy" in one "cut to the bone" low-cost paradigm opportunity for you. This makes our product an ideal method for all your Mobile Marketing needs.

Do not be left behind. There is no reason to. You don't even need to own a smart phone, all you need is to own your own custom phone app with unlimited texting capabilities all in one place. And our custom phone app program is available world-wide, (texting platform is available in the U.S., the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico).

And this is not some program on 'how you do it.' This is not a course, this is not a manual. This is a do-it-now, get it setup now, opportunity!

I know you're wondering how much, right?... I invite you to discover more, you are going to be amazed! And you will soon know why we are taking the net by storm. No kidding, no hype, just click...